Hezarfen Space is a team established in 2015 by college students to make a revolution in space technology. This team, which includes 74 engineers, continues its work systematically in many fields and carries out R&D studies of innovative systems in the field of space. The systems are primarily designed and created by engineering teams, and then work on the system continues until it is brought to the manufacturing phase by other engineering teams. All of the systems are created by the student, graduated, and employed engineers. These organized plans bring along the natural infrastructure.

Our team works in the field of engines as well as rocket manufacturing and design, has been working with the same discipline and dedication in an exciting way since 1959.We design and name all of our rocket systems inspired by the natural world. In addition to the fact that the design and functionality are a priority for us, we try to improve the mobility of our systems as far as we can imagine without limiting the altitude difference. We know that the future is in space, we always feel that "our future is in the skies".We continue to work for space transportation and space adventure.We are looking towards the future.

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