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As a result of its R & D activities as of 2020, our team has signed a first in the production of reusable parts. Began to revise rocket systems, all produced with composite alloys, as cheap and economical. As a result of R & D studies, up to 65% of 3D technology was used, including the most critical parts of our systems. 3D technology is expected to be a very important tool for our systems in the future. By the end of 2021, it is planned that 90% of all test-class rocket systems produced by our team will consist of parts made with 3D printers. The production of motors and motor blocks from 3D printers that require high-tech composite / metal alloy is among the plans.Components of hybrid fuel rocket engines, including solid fuel rocket engines, will be produced with 3D printers. In this way, a small number of companies in the world using 3D printer technology will make a quick entry into the space field.

In addition to design and conceptual studies, the technology used must be suitable for space conditions. Therefore, our engineers can produce 3D technology economically without going to cost increase in many issues, both in space conditions and in specific terms. Mergen and ATLAS projects are planned to be produced using 3D technology. The first concept production date for Mergen was planned as May 2022.

Our team, which continues to work on the production of 3D space rockets, plans to launch the first Test-class rockets produced with 3D printers in the last months of 2021.