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Our team continues to work rapidly within the scope of the Hera project. Our team's engineers have been conducting R & D work for this project for 5 months. As of last week, the first rocket system belonging to the Hera project has entered the assembly process. Along with this process, the work gained speed. The first version of 6 rocket systems planned to be produced within the scope of the Hera project is ready for testing! By October first week, 6 rocket systems belonging to the HERA project will be completed in the production line and ready for operational use at the end of October.Our team has gained experience in the fields of R & D, production and installation with this project and will reflect this experience on the field. As a result of the successful tests, important data is synthesized and planned to be transferred to the next systems. In the HERA project, it is planned to test rockets of the specified scale under atmospheric conditions in avionics and mechanical terms, and to use the data from these tested rocket systems in other projects.As of October, all rockets belonging to the Hera project are scheduled to meet with the sky. In November, it is planned to make a breakthrough in the engine technologies of systems such as MERGEN V MRUS and ATLAS by going beyond the concept designs in a technological sense. During this process, all launches are planned with our sound rocket system, MARMARA II S.With the end of the HERA project, our engineers working in our team will continue their work by shifting towards our original mission outside of rocket and rocketry.