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Our team continues to approach rocket ramp that have evolved with renewed rocket systems from a different perspective. As rocket systems need different launch pads compared to small, medium and large systems, it is preparing to switch to security-enhanced launchers.

Recently, it was tested that the ramp, designed and put into production by our team's team of Engineers, is quite safe for launching small and medium-sized rockets. Along with the simulation and technical analysis, our rocket systems will be able to take off reliably and stabilized when leaving the ramp at launch time. Needed a new and important launch pad to prevent the spread of small particulate parts coming out of the engines of our rocket systems and to successfully launch without causing any accidents in the environment. With these needs, our team plans to bring small and medium-sized rocket systems together with the sky.

The standard length of the rocket ramp is 6 meters long. It is also 50 cm in diameter. With renewable parts, the system can be expanded in diameter and increased in length. This modular rocket ramp brings a very comfortable and convenient space for the rocket to be placed inside.

Along with the new rocket ramp  that our team is working on and continues to work on, it will now be easier to ensure the takeoffs of large-scale Rockets!