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Our team has successfully completed design and conceptual testing for renewable rocket technology and micro-level biological creatures that will be used in sub-atmospheric flights. Our team plans to hold a lot of important data along with sub-atmospheric launches. As a result of these studies, he plans to start living (manned) space studies, not only cargo transportation to space. These rocket systems, which will be built on a small and medium scale, have been put on the production line to partner with the testing process of critical parts that can be tested in the field of mechanics and avionics. Another reason why this system is critical is that it is produced together with 3d printers. The system is produced entirely with 3d printers, except for engine blocks. These rocket systems, which have a modular structure, are planned to give our team usability experience in many areas. The system is removed from the production line, equipped with a powerful solid-fuel rocket engine.

In the Hera project, which has been agreed to use the Khan-1A solid-fuel rocket engine, the priority is to measure the reactions of Living Things located at a purely micro level to high pressure and temperature under the atmosphere.